Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Installing TASM in DOSBOX

After long thought process, i decided installing Dosbox will not mean i'm contaminating my Linux OS with something that emulates windows. Well, because Dosbox is Opensource! So, its probably some coder doing awesome work to emulate windows, and that for free, so in support of FOSS. So, i decided to install it.

This is where i got excellent set of precise instructions to install Dosbox.

For Ubuntu users (using repository)

Open the terminal and type in the following commands to download and install DOSbox in Ubuntu
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dosbox

For other GNU/Linux users

Download DOSbox from here.
Open terminal and cd to the directory containing the downloaded tar.gz file. Type in the following commands to build and install :

tar -xzvf dosbox-0.74.tar.gz
cd dosbox-0.74

Check the src subdir for the binary.

Well, the second method didn't go that well with me because it needed one of the older libraries, i dont even remember the error. Now, i did the first method and it worked, and i'm separately read the code and try to compile it later.

After installing, press Alt-F2 and type dosbox and press enter to run dosbox. Well, Now we'll move on to tasm.

Download TASM from here, put it in a folder in your home directory, and do this:

Z:\> mount c /home/siddhartha/bin/tasm
Drive C is mounted as local directory /home/siddhartha/bin/tasm
Directory of C:\.
... blah blah ...

now we are ready to run TASM like we do in the good old Windows XP systems of our Microprocessor labs.

C:\>cd tasm
DMPI Loader Version 1.0 Copyrighth (c) 1990, 1991 Borland International
This loader is invoked and required by Borland tools


We're Done! Happy Assembling! :)

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  1. Im not clear about how to mount tasm in dosbox
    You've given the instruction as mount c /home/...
    can you tell me what i should give as the instruction in my system ??